“We can see a positive trend in our productivity and engagement levels. Our management team has estimated a 2 to 1 return on our program investment. More important than our bottom line, your training is having a tremendous impact on our company culture.”

Clinton Chapman, Industrial Bank

“The training you provided our employees was extremely useful. I especially appreciated your willingness to stay on after the training ended to continue answering questions. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude.”

John Miller, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)


Financial Intelligence Factor Training

Financial issues exist at all levels of a company’s organizational chart.

At the lower levels, employees are stymied by financial stress. The pressures of their personal financial problems have repercussions in the workplace. Financially stressed employees spend their workdays responding to collection calls, worrying about keeping the lights on and applying for payday loans. Companies lose, on average, 15 working hours a month per financially stressed employee. From decreased productivity to employee turnover, employee financial stress is an important issue for corporations to address.

As you move up the org chart, additional financial issues appear.  Managers are promoted because they excelled on their team (ex. IT, HR, sales, etc.).  Often these managers have no financial management background.  Without financial training, these managers are in the dark on how various financial benchmarks impact their departments.  Their lack of understanding of financial jargon and financial reports undermines their ability to become successful leaders.  Addressing this issue is important to a company’s bottom line.

Even higher up the org chart (especially in government contracting companies), there is the additional pressure of keeping key personnel. The loss of a program manager or highly specialized position would have a significant negative impact on a contract.  Over 50% of key personnel lose their security clearance due to financial issues.  Companies that invest in specialized financial training for their security cleared employees have significantly lower costs due to lost productivity and/or lower turnover costs from the loss of key personnel.

Some of the trainings we offer:

Financial Intelligence Factor for Effective Leadership (click for more info)

  • improve the quality of your managers’ business decisions
  • increase your managers’ ability to uncover financial drains on profitabiity
  • strengthen your managers’ ability to interpret and respond to financial data

Financial Intelligence Factor for Improving Employee Productivity  (click for more info)

  • recoup up to 200 work hours lost each year by financially stressed employees
  • improve employee productivity by decreasing employee financial stress
  • understand the impact financial stress has on employee productivity and health

Financial Intelligence Factor for Better Customer Service  (click for more info)

  • understand the customer service mistakes that lead to consumer protection violations and how to prevent them
  • reduce the financial impact of customer service mistakes on customers, their families and the company’s bottom line
  • strengthen your customer service team’s understanding of their role in adhering to consumer protection laws

Financial Intelligence Factor for Preserving Security Clearances  (click for more info)

  • understand the important correlation between personal finances and maintaining a security clearance
  • reduce the cost of losing valuable employees to security clearance issues
  • increase employee retention and productivity by resolving distracting financial and security clearance problems

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Our training is perfect for:

  • Sales Teams
  • Marketing Teams
  • Customer Service Teams
  • Human resources
  • C-suite executives
  • Employee resource groups
  • Affinity groups
  • Managers
  • Team leaders

Types of training we offer:

  • 1/2 Day Interactive Training
  • Full Day Interactive Training
  • Webinar Training
  • Additional Services include:
    • One-on-one training and coaching
    • Group coaching
    • 30 day post-training follow up and Q&A
    • Customization

For Training Inquiries, Contact us via the web or Call (202) 505-1051.

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