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“You delivered a high-impact nuts-and-bolts program that got people energized and excited. Your energy, enthusiasm, and customization of the material showed through 100%. You made all the examples relevant to the audience. You get my highest recommendation as a speaker who delivers value! I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Wendy Inge, ALPS Corporation


Phenomenal Keynote Speaker

Sonya Smith-Valentine is not your average financial expert.

Sonya’s background, while extensive, isn’t traditional. As founder of Financially Fierce, she built the company from the ground up. While most who enter the financial arena have investment firm backgrounds, Sonya took a different path – first becoming a CPA and then practicing law to become one of the top African-American women in financial litigation.

In the past 25 years, Sonya has done a lot. She worked as an accountant for strong financial companies like American Express and Price Waterhouse Coopers. She’s also won cases for clients against financial giants like Equifax.  Sonya has garnered awards such as the Black Enterprise Financial All-Star and the Powerhouse Woman of the Year.  She has been quoted in major media outlets like NBC, USA Today, the Washington Post, CBS, Yahoo Finance and Fox Business.

Adding to her depth of professional experience is her first hand knowledge about financial troubles. Sonya finished college and law school with over $75,000 in student loans and $15,000 in credit card debt.  Sonya understands not only the financial discipline it takes to climb out of debt but also the mental and emotional road one must travel as well.

Sonya’s personal and professional experience make her a great keynote speaker and presenter.  She has spoken in front of thousands – helping them create bright financial futures.

Some of Sonya’s most requested speaking engagements have dealt with the following:

Personal Finance Topics

  • Credit Report Secrets for Excellent Credit
  • The Mindset Shift Needed to Climb Out of Debt
  • Enforcing Your Financial Rights
  • Preventing and Responding to Identity Theft

Corporate Topics

  • Turning Managers into Financially Savvy Leaders
  • Lessening the Impact of Employee Financial Stress on Productivity
  • Financial Impact of Mistakes by Customer Facing Employees on Customers and the Company’s Bottom Line

For Booking Inquiries: Contact Adam Kirschner of ALKTalent, (212) 731-2144, adam@alktalent.com




“Passionate and knowledgeable are two words that come to mind when I think about Sonya Smith-Valentine. Sonya was one of our featured presenters and she delivered a presentation that made the conference attendees think, take notes and then take action. She has the ability to intertwine humor and real-life experiences.  As a conference host, it was a pleasure working with Sonya and I would happily recommend her to any organization”

The Planner’s Suite

For Booking Inquiries, Contact Adam Kirschner of ALKTalent, (212) 731-2144, adam@alktalent.com

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